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Course Features
The Philippines Under the Stars & Stripes by Cris Cruz
_EL15851-The West Discovers the Philippines II
012a AdiBaen-Santos


Department of History
Faculty of Arts & Letters
Blended / Hybrid

This course critically analyzes Philippine history from multiple perspectives through the lens of selected primary sources.  Priority will be given to primary sources that describe the important turning points in Philippine history from prehistoric times up to the contemporary period and articulate various perspectives. 


The approach, though historical, will deal with interdisciplinary subjects so as to broaden and deepen the student’s understanding of Philippine political, economic, social and cultural history and equip the learner with the competencies necessary to analyze and evaluate different types of information: print, visual and audio-visual, and quantitative.   The end goal is to develop the historical and critical consciousness of the students so that they will become versatile, broad-minded, morally upright and responsible citizens. 


  • Describe, analyze, and appreciate the rich history of the Filipino people, from pre-colonial times to the present, through the lens of selected primary sources;

  • Critically examine, from various perspective, primary sources that will enable them to understanding deeper the social, political, economic, religious, and other major problems now faced by the Filipino people;

  • Analyze and comprehend the context, content, and perspective of selected primary sources to determine their meaning, significance and relevance in terms of the sources’ contribution to our understanding of Philippine history;

  • Effectively communicate and articulate, using various techniques and genres, their historical analysis of a particular event or issue that could help other people understand and manage present day issues and concerns; and

  • Recommend possible solutions to present day problems based on their own understanding of their root causes, and their anticipation of and assessment of alternative scenarios for the future.

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