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Department of History
Faculty of Arts & Letters
Blended / Hybrid

As mandated by Republic Act 1425, this course covers the life and works of the country’s national hero, José Rizal. Among the topics covered are Rizal’s biography and his writings, particularly the novels Noli me Tangere and ElFfilibusterismo, some of his essays, and various correspondences.

The Rizal Law, Literature, and Society
2. Rizal and the Theory of Nationalism
3. Rizal’s Social Origins and Historical Context
4. Rizal in Europe, the Propaganda Movement, and Noli me tangere
5. The Morga and Rizal’s Search for Origins
6. Rizal’s Changing View on Spanish Rule and El Filibusterismo
7. Rizal’s View of the Future and the Filipino Nation
8. Integration



  • Explain the circumstances of José Rizal’s life in the context of the nineteenth century

  • Explain the context of Rizal’s various works, particularly his novels Noli me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, his annotations of Chapter 8 of Morga, his essay on Sobre la indolencia de los filipinos, and other works

  • Analyze Rizal’s various works, particularly those mentioned above

  • Articulate the significance and paradoxes of Rizal’s contributions to Filipino nationalism


  • Recognize the value of differing narratives and interpretations of Rizal’s life and works

  • Appreciate the importance of reaching a personal opinion based on study and discussion

  • Evaluate one’s specific location in history and personal relationship to nation building

  • Work cooperatively with others


  • Demonstrate the ability to appreciate literary works creatively

  • Demonstrate the ability to read primary sources critically

  • Communicate meaningfully and convincingly a particular interpretation of the past

  • Produce a creative work that conveys the significance of Rizal for the current generation