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Department of English
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Writing, speaking and presenting to different audiences and for various purposes


The five skills of communication (listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing) are studied and simulated in advanced academic settings, such as conversing intelligently on a subject of import, reporting on group work and/or assignments, writing and delivering a formal speech, writing minutes of meetings and similar documents, preparing a research or technical paper, and making an audio-visual or web-based presentation. In the process, the criteria for effective communication are discussed and used as the basis of peer evaluation of communication exercises in the class as well as for judging communication techniques used by public officials, educators, industry leaders, churches, and private individuals. The purpose of these combined activities is to enable students to practice strategies of communication with a clear purpose and audience in mind, guided by the criteria of effective communication and the appropriate language.

At the end of the course, students should be able to

  • listen, comprehend, critique, and respond to live or recorded conversations

  • speak in public with confidence

  • explain extended texts in their own words using examples and other aids to bolster their explanation

  • write texts ranging from a simple report to a full-length technical or research paper (scientific, social science, or literary, depending on the student’s major), and

  • prepare an audio-visual and web-based presentation on an assigned topic.

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